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Buyers Guide

With over 60 years of property experience between its directors, Globewide Property Investments can provide a wealth of knowledge to customers whether for a first time buy, to extend your property portfolio or a buy-to-let investment.

The process of buying a property may be daunting; however with accurate advice and support from Globewide, we are here to guide you to completion.


When buying, it is initially important to consider how much you can afford and to gain knowledge of the amount that can be borrowed to purchase a property. At this stage, Globewide in London can provide you with excellent mortgage advice within our Mortgage Services Division.

The next step will to be to decide what you are looking for in a property. Globewide are able to run through your requirements, from the point of whether you will or can consider Leasehold or Freehold and continue on to attention to detail i.e. number of bedrooms, bathrooms, en-suites and specifying requirements such as outdoor areas, parking and local amenities.

Upon receiving a full description of your requirements, and after considering your affordability you can be assured that our experience will match these to your desired property. Details of all properties matching your requirements will be sent to you. We will arrange viewings and will be on site to assist with any questions and decisions.

Making an offer

If at this stage you find a property you wish to make an offer on, Globewide will provide you with as much information as possible to ensure you are making the right decision. Negotiations will be made on your behalf and our involvement will be consistent from the very beginning until completion.

When your offer is accepted, the property will be removed from market. Globewide can assist you in finding a recommended solicitor should you require us to do so. We will continue our involvement when applying for a mortgage. Your solicitor will then begin the process of paperwork. Throughout these processes, we will still be able to provide advice should you have any queries.

What else do I need?

A survey may be requested to highlight any problems you might need to look at. Globewide can provide you with contacts of associated surveying companies to ease this process.

We will continue to advise you upon receipt of the survey and once all the necessary checks have been carried out by your solicitor, you will exchange contracts. Globewide are able to discuss any insurance requirements you have, put you in touch with removal companies, maintenance contractors or any other services associated with completion.

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